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Our Story

   In 2019, the founder of Sugary Art - Chef Kaye realized that the market in Hong Kong doesn’t have many good quality and tasty royal icing cookies and fondant cakes for people to enjoy and share.

   From that moment, Kaye has envisioned an online bakery and pastry studio that provides creative royal icing cookie, fondant cake, dessert table at affordable prices.

   Thus the Sugary Art journey begins…

   Today, Sugary Art has done over 100,000pcs royal icing cookies and over 2,000 3D cakes in the past years.

   In 2022, Sugary Art started to expand the business and spend more time and effort to train talents to fit the team. 

   Sugary Art is not an ordinary online bakery and pastry studio. Every single cookie or cake is an art piece for us, all of them are handmade and made to order.

We strive to bring our customers the best products impression. 

About Kaye

   Chef Kaye trained in the art of baking and pastry from the age of 17, Kaye has worked in kitchens of some of the world’s most celebrated 5-stars hotels and restaurants. 

   Her extraordinary talent was spotted when she was awarded Gold with Distinction Award at Hofex Hong Kong Wedding Cake Display competition in 2015. Also a Gold Award and a Silver Award in the Cake International.(One of the world biggest cake show held in the UK in 2019)

   With inspiration and experience gained in the pastry kitchen and various cake international, Kaye decided to start her journey to open Sugary Art which mainly create custom made cakes and icing cookies.

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